Dear JFC Fans and Supporters,

It is with equal measures of appreciation, anticipation and sadness that we announce to you that we have decided to retire from the winery business. After 17 years of sharing the delicious fruits of our labors with our friends and fans near and far, we are looking forward to spending more time with each other that doesn’t involve generating invoices, printing shipping labels, paying bills and stressing out. We will, of course, continue to farm our prized Stony Point Vineyard and going forward we will be entrusting other wineries and winemakers with our world-class grapes.

We are proud to say that every vintage of our Estate Grown Pinot Noir that we’ve produced since we launched in 2007 has earned at least one Gold Medal at prestigious wine competitions. In fact, we’ve earned over 30 Gold Medals, including Double Gold and Best of Class honors during our run. We are also proud to say that we’ve shared more than 60,000 bottles of our award-winning wines with the world over the years. Thank you for supporting our small family winery.

With sincere appreciation and gratitude from our family,
Jeff and Judy